Thursday, 3 December 2009

futbol futbol

Well I've arrived in Istanbul, for the next leg of the research project to meet with potential collaborators from Turkey. This is my second time in Istanbul. Last time I came for a holiday with one of my best friends - the two of us raised christian and muslim respectively exploring the city together brought different perspectives to the journey. That time was for the tourist trail of museums, mosques,bazaars, hamans, clubs, bars, restaurants, etc.

This time I'm alone and the plan is to meet artists, musicians, dj's, curators working and living in the city. To explore, to meet, to listen, to discuss and to learn with an open mind and open heart.

I arrive at the hotel and on presenting my passport, I'm immediately questioned as to which football team I support - Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham??? The two staff (who I soon find out are both Fenerbahce supporters) and I then spend the next ten minutes shouting out random footballing names at each other..Liverpool, Steven Gerrard, Alan Hansen, Bekistas, Benayoun, Galatasarey and then out of nowhere comes Nottingham Forest and to round it off Brian Clough! - priceless. That wasn't me by the way. Football is such a great leveller.

Isn't travel wonderful.

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