Monday, 15 December 2008

V&A Day 1 - Part 2

Here's another clip from the first day of the workshop we ran back in May. Clare shows us two early samplers from the 16th century, now part of the V&A's collection. Well I don't need to explain much about them otherwise there's not much point showing the clip. Enjoy.

Sunday, 7 December 2008


Last week I met up with the wonderful embroiderers for our regular catch up and for another day of creative play. This time exploring pattern making using grid paper and black marker pens. We built on the idea we used for the sampler-culture clash event in Sept, where we invited members of the audience to create patterns which we would use to turn into sound. We've started to do that by the way, so I'll post some of the results soon.

Continuing with our philospophy of collaborative creation, we worked in pairs on four 2 metre sized grid papers, spending twenty minutes on each, then moving round to the next one so that everyone had worked on each design twice. We didn't use any reference material, just what ever happened to be in our heads at that particular moment.

We came up wth some quite amazing and varied designs given the timescale and the process. The idea is to use these as our musical scores and translate them into sound compositions, so we have a complete piece and then sample sections and re-work the pieces. I've no idea what they're going to sound like. We'll also be using the patterns to create embroidery pieces, again both whole designs and sampled sections woven together to create new compositions.

Here's a selection of photos from the day and a couple of the final pieces.