Monday, 7 December 2009

Contemporary Utopia Management

Well today, after the religious holidays, I had my first meeting with Esra and Ece from CUMA, Contemporary Utopia Management, a not for profit arts organisation that in their words "aims to activate urban and rural communities by creating contemporary art projects and acting as a mentor for arts organisations and initiatives".

I really liked their ethos and their approach, and some of the projects they had done, particularly those working with rural communities.  They were planning a flash mob event on Saturday, apparently the first in Turkey, and an idea I really like..the Istanbul Complaints Choir.  Given the issues around freedom of speech, this seems like a very brave initiative.  So I've registered my mobile number and wait to hear where to meet.

They were both really friendly and incredibly helpful, providing me with a whole list of potential people to contact.  Just what I was hoping for.  As with Bucharest you just need to meet some people on the ground who are open and well connected, and know what's happening and a whole world starts to open up.  I couldn't have asked for a more welcoming and perfect start.

Thank you Esra and Ece for a great welcome and such generosity:))

You can find out more about CUMA at

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