Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Just back from manchester after a couple of wonderful days creating a new sound piece with Jason and catching up with Yusra, reflecting on sampler so far and planning for the embroiderers' guild gig in Sheffield in April.

Jason and i used one of the black and white pattern pieces created collectively by the embroiderers - the piece used in our previous workshop with Berit.

We took twelve 10cmx10cm random samples from the piece,effectively using it as our score from which to start sampling. Using Reaktor we let the software translate these into sounds. It's amazing what it comes up with depending on the pattern you input. I like the fact that the sounds it generates are unexpected and appear random. Although the programme has its limitations I find it quite a liberating way of composing - going with what you get rather than trying to force the programme to do something for you.

Here's a couple of video clips of sound to give you an idea of what's going on. The full piece will get its premier as part of the Open Source Embroidery exhibition curated by Ele Carpenter in Sweden in June.

For more info on the Embroiderers' Guild's annual conference click on the link in my collaborators section. We'll be giving a presentation on some of our work to date and a workshop on Saturday 18th. We're honored, excited and very nervous, but whatever happens it'll be interesting to hear people's reactions and thoughts about the project - maybe we'll meet a few of you there.

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