Wednesday, 18 March 2009

berit, textiles and sound

Last week we got together for one of our creative workshop sessions. Berit Greinke, who is currently studying on the MA Textile Futures course at Central St. Martins very kindly came along to talk to us about her work and take part in the workshop. Berit is also exploring the connection between materials and sound. Currently, she's working on a project entitled SHhH developing electronic machines that "read the cloth" - surface, pattern, colour and structure. Over the years she's been working with drawn and printed graphite, woven magnetic tape from cassettes, light sensors and stitched, printed and dyed fabrics. You can find out more about Berit's work, including a great little video of some of her pattern to sound tests at

If you're interested in contacting Berit you can e-mail her:

During the workshop we tried one of Berit's inventions on the drawn pattern pieces we created at the last workshop in December (see december archive). Here's a couple of short video clips of the sounds created by scanning the patterns and one of Kathy playing her printed scarf, which is great. The clip with the front of a speaker is Pat playing the pattern, adding an element of human emotion and movement rather than just scanning it. The results starts to sound like bird song. We hope to continue to work with Berit and plan to take the full pattern pieces into the recording studio next month to add into our pot of sounds.


In the afternoon, we each chose a sample from the four collaborative pattern pieces to translate into embroideries. The idea is for everyone to work on an individual sampled section and then bring them back together into one collaborative piece to create a new stitched sampler. I'm meeting Jason later this week to work on turning these sampled pattern pieces into sound to create one new composition.

It was great day, and we left feeling inspired by the activities and discussing "where we go next?

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