Friday, 2 January 2009

Home is...

Happy New Year. Hope everyone has had much festive festiveness of the festive variety over the festive period. I have to say despite the loom and gloom of the recession, I'm looking forward to 2009. There's much to explore with the sampler project - the Open Source Embroidery touring exhibition, talking at the Embroiderers' Guild's annual conference in April, developing further research with the V&A and hopefully developing the project with sampler collections across the UK and internationally working with the British Council in south east europe.

I hope you all have successful 2009's too!

P.S> A huge thanks to Gill for the badge above..perfect xxxx


Anonymous said...

merely wondering if you are the David Littler who visited NYC in 1980 and ended up staying at the flat of a couple named Francis and Chris?

David Littler said...

Hi, sorry but I'm not. I hope you find him.
best wishes to NYC.