Friday, 9 May 2008

Paradise Garage

Last night I was scrabblin' about under my house and came across an old video "Pump up the Volume" about the history of house music. It documents the rise of dj and dance culture from the clubs of New York and Chicago into the world wide phenomenom it has become today.

Anyway it features another DJ legend Larry Levan, who used to play at the infamous Paradise Garage in New York. So having featured DJ Kool Herc earlier, I thought I ought to pay respect to another key figure in DJ-ing culture - this time from the D.I.S.C.O side of town.

click here for a short clip of Larry Levan on the decks at the Paradise Garage
and on the links below for a fantastic documentary on Larry Levan and the rise of Disco and clubbing culture, which highlights the role of dj's as innovators in music production and sound engineering, and the importance of those new york clubs as places for different cultures - gay, black and hispanic to get together and feel free to celebrate their identities and of dance to amazing music.

Larry Levan 1/9
Larry Levan 2/9
Larry Levan 3/9
Larry Levan 4/9
Larry Levan 5/9
Larry Levan 6/9
Larry Levan 7/9
Larry Levan 8/9
Larry Levan 9/9

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