Sunday, 11 May 2008

back to back

"So how's the embroidery comin' along?" I hear you all shout (not!).

Well, I've been laid down with flu all week, and there's only so much daytime telly you can watch before you start to lose the plot.....that Goldenballs quiz with Jasper Carrot..I ask you??? So I thought it was an ideal time to get down to business and learn.

So here's the result so far. Embroiderers look away now!

Yeh I know it's not very good and not very straight, but hey it's a start!
I learnt the back stitch, which apparently is a good basic stitch to start off, and used for straight and curved lines and fine detail. I don't think much of the type face that came with the kit, but at this stage I'm just focussing on learning, and trying to perfect, the stitch.

Click here for a clip on learning how to Back stitch . Check out the funky drummin' at the start of the clip

That got me thinking about some of the basics of dj-ing, and one of the first things you learn is playing two records back to back - dragging each record back to repeat the same part of a record on two (or more) turntables to form a continuous loop.

Check this clip for the equivalent of the back stitch - dj style.

What I love about both music and embroidery cultures is that willingness to share show other people how to learn the skills involved in both art forms. For example, there are hundreds of videos on You Tube, showing you how to learn to stitch and how to learn to DJ. I'll feature a few of my favourites (including some truly bizarre ones) as we go along.

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