Saturday, 26 April 2008

Sampler vs Sampler

As I've started to learn more of the glossary of embroidery terms I've realised how many words, in addition to the word "sampler" it shares with dj culture.

needle vs needle
  • Embroidery needles - a piece of equipment to help pass a piece of thread through the fabric. Needles include crewel, chenille, tapestry, milliners and beading needles.
  • The needle on a record player to pick up the sound -"put the needle on the record".
freestyle vs freestyle
  • surface embroidery - which can be worked on any fabric without regard to the fabric threads following a design
  • improvising on the microphone - "freestylin"
cut vs cut
  • cutwork - an embroidery technique where you cut away the orginal fabric to produce a design, normally edged with the buttonhole stitch.
  • cutting up records, as in scratching and mixing cutmaster swift, cuttin' records, etc.
loop vs loop
  • loop stitch, which is used for straight or curved lines or to fill areas of the fabric.
  • loopin' beats - repeating the same sampled sound

count vs count
  • count the number of threads per 2.5m in evenweave fabric, counted thread embroidery worked on evenweave fabric by counting the number of threads
  • counting the number of beats - bpm (beats per minute)

I'm not sure if Encroaching Upright Gobelin has yet to be embraced by djs but hey the night is yet young.

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