Saturday, 26 April 2008

Favourite breaks

Well it's just too hard to list your top five breaks! So instead, during the project I'm just gonna drop a few of my favourites as we go along.

So to kick things off......

Bra by Cymande.
click here to listen to the track: Bra - Cymande.
I love this tune. It's guaranteed to rock the dance floor.

They all orginated from the caribbean and came together in London town to create a new form of music they described as Nyah-Rock. To quote from the album "We call our music NYAH-ROCK and through it we speak of our ideals, our heritage and ourselves. We try to engender a feeling of happiness and to convey this feeling to those people who want to find the time and the reason to listen to us. NYAH-ROCK is our rock. It is the music of the man who finds in life a reason for living."

Rumour has it they all hung out in Brixton. I'd love to find out whether that is actually true.

This 1972 album has been sampled all over the shop, by the likes of De La Soul, Master Ace, MC Solaar and for a whole host of house music tunes. It also features The Message, another classic track.
Click here: The Message
for the original and the Mc Solaar sample.

As I mentioned at the very start of my blog Samplers derive their name from the Old French "essamplaire". Here we have a 22 yr old frenchman uploading videos mixing orginal breaks with some of the musicians who've sampled them.....sometimes don't you just love You Tube.

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