Saturday, 16 May 2009


Arriving in bucharest exhausted after 12 hours of travelling but glad to finally be here. Events and thoughts on my arrival and sites that flashed by on my journey into town.

arrive Henri Coanda International Airport, baggage carousel broken, fixed, rush for bags, chaos, pounced upon by eager taxi drivers, 783 bus into centre, baking heat, blue skies, telephone and electricity cables, flat landscape, red tiled roofs, old man with a bunch of flowers waiting for bus, nike outlet store, adidas outlet store, volvo, renault, dacia, ferari,empty iron advertising structures like the angel of the north, woods, industry, orchard, red poppies, ikea, shopping city, cars, more cars, traffic grinds to a halt, queues, slow, temperature rising, dehydrated, yellow, red, blue, church, the woman sat opposite makes the sign of the cross, park, families walking, high rise blocks, young women selling flowers by the side of the road, first obvious signs of poverty, faded grandeur, destruction, re-construction, construction, stray dog in the road, arrive Piata Victoriei, disembark, confused, disorientated, friendly women helps with directions to hotel, busy, end of day workers, dragging suitcase, pack of dogs, lost, no street sign, kids on bikes, beautiful but wrecked buildings, arrive, friendly greeting, bed, crash.

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