Saturday, 4 October 2008


Quick last minute post to let you know about a couple of stitching events happening this week in London town.

The fine ladies from the New Embroidery Group are taking a break from the world of performance poetry to return to their first love - embroidery. They are exhibiting at the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexander Palace 9-12 please make a trip and give them some support. I know they'd be delighted to see you. The show tours to Dublin and then Harrogate later this year.

For more info:

The second is the Urban Cross Stitch event Cupcakes, Cocktails and Cross Stitch at 93feeteast in Brick Lane at 3pm this Sunday 5 October.
For more info:

I'll be poppin along to see what it's all about. It seems like the perfect way to spend a sunday. Maybe see a few of you there for a Bloody Mary or five.

Oh, and for those kind souls who have enquired about their pattern to sound clips..Jason is away in India at the moment collaborating with folk musicians from Rajastan. So when he returns....


deirdre nelson said...

wish i could get along to some of these events .. what about one in scotland ???
hope its all going well

deirdre nelson

David Littler said...

Hi Deirdre. Lovely to hear from's been too long since we've met. Hope work and life are good.
Yeh would love to do some work up in Scotland with the project. I was thinking of doing some research around sampler collections there, as I know Glasgow has a good collection, but maybe other museums do too. If any spring to mind let me know.

speak soon

angel said...

i love what jen bervin does with wm s’s sonnets–she “nets” out her own poems in her book “nets” out in 2006 on ugly duckling press. wm s’s sonnet is in a gray scale and her words fomr his are in bold. very cool.