Tuesday, 24 June 2008

MC's for Life

Hi's been a while! Life, work and travel have all got in the way of any recent posts. Not that I'm complaining. However, ideas and connections for how the project might progress have all been whirring away in the back of my head. I've got some of the audio tracks and films of the first "sampler " workshop, so there will be some highlights of each day appearing over the next couple of weeks - I promise! I met with the embroiderers today to catch up and plan our next session - a day of stitched consequences in July. It was great to see everyone again, and the continued passion for the project.

But in the meantime, continuing on that spoken word element of the project I just got an e-mail flyer for the MC's for Life events taking place in Birmingham and Manchester this weekend. So if you happen to be there and there are any tickets left..make haste. A great line up of MC's..including the likes of Black Thought (the Roots), Lord Finesse and one of my favourite female poets Ursula Rucker.

Women are the beating heart of the sampler project and discussions about women, sister, mother, daughter have been re-occuring themes so far. So here's Ursula Rucker's What a Woman Must Do and another one of my favourite tracks with 4Hero - Loveless.


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