Tuesday, 4 March 2008

In the beginning....

Welcome to Sampler - culture clash.

A project that attempts to bring the very different cultures of embroidery and dj-ing together, through exploring textile samplers and music samplers. I'll be working with dj's, spoken word artists, b-girls, embroiderers, museums, club promoters, music producers and curators of embroidery collections, with the end goal being the Sampler - culture clash event at the V&A museum in London. I've no idea what's gonna happen but the journey's gonna be fun. I'll introduce all the collaborators to you as we go along. Who knows, if it works we may even tour it to a venue near you.

Today is the first day of the project and I really hope that you will enjoy the blog, get involved by letting me know about your favourite breaks, places to crate dig, or send me photos of your textile samplers, or weblinks to the wonderful world of stitching.

You know sometimes you're sat in the pub and you think to yourself "that's a great idea!" and you write it on the back of a beer mat. Then you ask people to get involved and they say "yeh" and then you ask some people for money..and they give it you!!! then you think ..."oh s..t" i've now gotta make it happen - we'll that's where I'm at!!!

here's some links to kick things off..loads more to follow
1) embroidery samplers

2) music samplers - an introduction to the legendary AKAI MPC 2000

This stage of the project has very kindly been supported by the Crafts Council in the UK, through its new Spark Plug Curators' scheme. Check out the other winners of the awards at

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MIss P said...

This journey is going to be fab!!!!